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Become a Pro Hot Dog Cart Vendor

Hot dog cart tips directly from a pro are vital if you want to take your hot dog business to the next level. It's not rocket science and anybody can boil water and produce a delicious hot dog, but you surely need to pay attention to the details.

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Frankly Hot Dog Carts Vendor

Of course, some of the basics like finding a good location, using high quality ingredients, offering name brand condiments, and solid sanitation practices will go a long way to making your hot dog cart or catering business successful.

If you put a bit more effort into making your setup really awesome, you can get even more out of your cart! Plus, customers will notice if you add the extra touches to make your food and service special.

Not only will they become a loyal fan base but they will also be willing to pay more for your food, and they will tell their friends! Free advertising!

Top Tips to Start a Cart Setup

· Put the napkins in a couple of easy to reach stacks so multiple customers can grab them at the same time, to help prevent crowding.

· Free condiments are great for the basics (mustard, ketchup, relish, onions)

· Charge extra for more expensive toppings like cole slaw, chili, and cheese sauce

· Don't be afraid to price your items competitively. Remember you can't even go to Taco Bell without spending $9 these days

· Specialty sausages can be priced a dollar higher than regular hot dogs

· Have a sign that you can see from a distance – Art has one that is visible from the hospital across the street!

· Instead of using Doritos for nachos, consider buying bulk nacho chips and dressing up prepared salsa, adding cheese, jalapenos, and black olives for a $5 nacho tray

· Depending on your local health regulations, you might want to get your coolers off the ground

  • Raising coolers also keeps you from having to bend over as much

  • Make sure your area looks clean and organized!

  • Make sure your menu is legible

  • Consider adding some candy and single-serve cookies and crackers

  • You might add a lemonade squeezer to your cart because the profit on lemonade is great

  • If you have health conscious customers, you could add a hummus

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