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Can COVID Hurt Hot Dog Vendors?

COVID it's hurting a lot of businesses. However, it is not hurting hot dog vendors and street food businesses.

In fact, only helped vendors, with restaurant closures, which is sad to say, cause you know, at the cost of one than the other increases, but that's what's happened as restaurants close more and more.

We talked about this over and over and the opportunities that surround it.

That's why the federal department of transportation started allowing vendors. I mean, even hot dog carts at truck stops and even invited them and said, please, please come.

It's why cities like Nashville, North Carolina, actually put out full page ads saying, please vendors come.

Well, northing's changed. Except they started open up restaurants again and now they're closing them again.

Why is that?

Because restaurants closed.

And people want a filling, a normalcy.

Some people will seek out a food truck or a food cart because it's a nostalgic thing. And it just feels better than going to Taco Bell.

So that's what vendors are seeing.

Plus the private gigs have gone through the roof.

This is a fantastic opportunity for hot dog vendors!

Probably the best thing I've ever seen in business is this opportunity for you to start, no matter how you start.

We've got vendors in VU, starting without a cart, just tables and some tabletop burners and steam pans. And that's legal in most States.

We've got hot dog vendors that are starting out nearly broke and turning it around in a week or a few days, or like James did in a weekend.

There's a lot of opportunity here.

Now I leave the bad comments up to, and I had a guy go…

“I'm selling my cart, COVID ruined me.”

No, your attitude ruined you.

You didn't get ruined by COVID.

Cause if you're a vendor and you have some way to give food to people safely, you did not get ruined by COVID.

You chose not to make money because I have yet to meet a hot dog vendor who isn't doubling and tripling. And even more than that on their carts this year.

This year has been the best year for vendors. So keep that in mind.

Don't think, Oh, well I can't vend now cause COVID.

No, you can vend. You can even vend safely.

We've got hot dog vendors set up with Plexiglass shields that are vending, and killing it.

We got vendors kicking butt and lots of them.

And you can talk to them. You ain't even going to take my word for it…

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