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Small Cart Perfect for Big Crowds

It is always exciting to see a crowd gathered for a festival, fair, or party! Not only is it fun to hang out with people but for hot dog vendors and food cart operators, it means lots of opportunity to serve!

You know that wherever people are gathered, they will look for food. And sometimes, the big crowds make it hard to maneuver through with a food cart. That's where a slimmer cart comes in handy. Meanie Weanie is a fantastic cart, and its smaller size makes it easy to move.

With two large wheels and and smaller third wheel, it's easy to turn and maneuver this cart along sidewalks, between booths, and through most doorways.

You can load it into a trailer, pickup truck, or even a minivan, and take it wherever you need to go. No need to install a hitch, practice trailer towing, or backing up a big rig.

This cart can keep up with the larger models when it comes to serving a hungry crowd. It has:

  • Steam table for your hot dogs, buns, chili, and hot side items

  • Three 1/3 size pans with lids

  • Two commercial burners with dual control knobs

  • Bread box with sliding doors for storage

  • Enclosed storage with room for two propane tanks

  • Four onboard sinks with no-clog drains

  • Pressurized water system with hot and cold water

  • Fully-insulated cooler with hinged lid

  • Condiment rack for extras

  • Market umbrella for shade

  • and more!


Visit the shop to view complete schematics and more details about the MEANIE WEANIE.

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