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A few simple steps can prevent most leftovers and waste when out on your hot dog cart. Sometimes its unpreventable – but most of the time you can avoid wasting food. Can you just reheat tomorrow?

ZERO WASTE (almost none)

It's easy to get caught up in a rush and then you become too optimistic. You over plan, over

cook and you will waste even more. It's why over the years I've taught the techniques to avoid the waste while still being able to serve quick and avoid folks having to wait too long.

Rapid boiling, rapid steaming and having pre-portioned products are key to successfully avoiding waste. Separating your hot dogs into smaller frozen backs of different numbers al

lows you to grab a 5 pack, a 15 or 30 to put into your pans in an instant.

Same goes for chili and other condiments with higher values. Many vendors only keep a little chili hot and then add small pre-portioned Tupperware type bowls when they need more.

Even the best vendors let emotions get in the way and we often will over prep and over cook – leading to waste.


YES! But only if you love to get a bad reputation or at the very least have a mediocre product. Take a hot dog, boil it. Then re-freeze and then re-heat it… whatcha think? Yuck. Even if they stayed tasting good… they certainly don't look the same.

Same goes for chili and cheese sauce. Once heated and not used… don't plan on using that later. Keep your reputation for great, fast, delicious foods intact and avoid stepping over dollars to pick up dimes.

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